The Boxer by Reinhard Kleist

The cultural phenomenon of Nazi wartime has long been a popular subject for realist fiction, notably by Art Speigalman’s awarding winning “Maus” where he audaciously anthropomorphized his father’s Holocaust experience into comic medium.

This parody of the Nazis’ vision of racial divisions has once again been told in an equally gripping way by Reinhard Kleist who today releases his new book ‘The Boxer’.

‘The Boxer’ published by SelfMadeHero is as moving as it is disturbing, telling the hardship of ‘Harry Haft’, who in 1940 was deported by the Nazi’s into the Auschwitz concentration camps for four and half years.

Harry whose real name was Hertzko (his original story was first published in the States by Syracuse Press) became a smuggler and a boxer in the camps, where he had to fight against other prisoners in order to survive.

After the war, Hertzko started a new life in America where he continued his boxing, aiming for fame so his lost Polish lover could easily find him.

Kleist’s reinterpretation of this heart aching story is a powerful romantic tragedy. His expressive hand, loose in style as well as his flowing narrative has won him several awards including the Munich comic festival award and the German literature for children.

The Quote

‘I’d never been alone, my family had always been there…’

The Author

Reinhard Kleist studied at the school for Graphic and Design in Münster, he has previously released biographies of Castro and Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness, both published by SelfMadeHero..

The Book

Publisher: SelfMadeHero (13 Mar 2014)

ISBN-10: 1906838771

Price: £13.49 (Amazon)



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