The Park by Oscar Zarate

Centred around the life of the birds, trees and people whom frequent Hampstead Heath park in London, we are offered two sides of an altercation; on the one hand Chris, who is bitten by a dog and the other, by Ivan the owner of the dog (beloved Carla) who takes it upon himself to see justice. From this incident, Oscar Zarate builds up a story of revenge, involving children from both sides of confusion. Here we are presented with a build up of interesting characters and spun stories, all of which create a domino effect knocking anger into repression, eventually spiralling into climaxes of confrontations. The plot is neatly axed into parts of illustrated scenes of Lauren and hardy’s comical fighting, a clever little metaphor of the violence between the protagonists. The illustrations are water coloured with light-hearted style that document how modern London interacts with their environment. Nice read!

The Quote

‘The Park’. Blue skies, only a few wisps’ of cloud. If you close your eyes for a moment and listen jumbled sounds gradually become distinct. Kids playing football, a brass band bringing an echo of the past, fragments of conversations, the squeak of buggies, chirping birds, the swoosh of kites, the caw of crows, the rustling o leaves…just for a moment you feel intensely alive.’

The Author


Oscar Zarate is originally from Buenos Aries but has been living in London for the last forty years, where he continues to create award winning graphic novels and visual narratives.


The Book 


Author / Artist: Oscar Zarate

Publisher: SelfMadeHero

ISBN: 978-1906838478

Full colour print

£10.87 (Amazon)

An illustration from The Park by Oscar Zarate


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